"Frailty, Thy Name Is Woman"


Sup buttercup? I mean, thy eyes shine brighter than the stars which line the sky; I long to hear of your day and listen to your voice, the sweetness of which is only rivaled by the singing of birds. Okay, enough romantic banter / wannabe Shakespeare talk.Speaking of which, anyone recognize this quote? If so, kudos to you! This actually applies to my character T, which I'm finally showing off (her profile at least) today. She's different from the girls I like to draw, which is so refreshing! And no intricate backstory this time either, yessss. It's time to draw her partner, A.


Name- Tiffany
Age - 20
What You Need to Know - Lady by day, temptress by night. She has a very easy-going personality (profile fails to show this orz), and is very persuasive. You'd want to get to know her for a good time in the club or in bed.
Character Song - Something along the lines of Chromeo and Ezra Koenig's "I Could Be Wrong", but a little more sultry/ jazzy.

P.S. Sorry for the absence, last week was a whirlwind of volunteering and first aid training. And to my scanner, I hate you.