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Eye Eat 20 +Etc.

If there's something I learned from yesterday, salmon in burgers = pure genius. I finally got to see one of my closest high school friends K, and treated to her to a (really)late birthday lunch since I couldn't make to her actual birthday. We headed to a lovely restaurant near the water, and feasted on delicious burgers - an Angus beef burger for her, a salmon burger for me.

Honesty time, I usually don't eat salmon burgers. Ever. Mainly because I'm a bit of a burger purist - beef only please (exception: veggie burgers). But man, that salmon burger was SO GOOD - it consisted of a  juicy grilled piece of salmon with pickled vegetables and pea tendrils, tartar sauce, nestled in a toasted kaiser bun. I was worried that the pickled vegetables would make the burger sour, but it added a nice tangy touch to the salmon. The only thing I wasn't too pleased about was the pea tendril aspect. Trying to eat them was like a tug-of-war because of the stalks. Other than that, it was delicious! Be warned, that thing oozes tartar sauce as you eat it.

And because I'm trying to be (minimally) healthier, I went for the salad. Go yesterday me!

Also, went to an amazing indie rock concert with A. Good food, good concert? I'm a happy girl.

Eye Eat 19

I seriously can't remember the last time I went on a photo spree on food - mainly I'm terrified of being labelled as one of "those people" ,you know, the people who spend more time taking pictures of food than eating it- at restaurants. Anyways, I made a small batch of roasted pepper tomato sauce a few weeks ago to cure my post-finals boredom. I took this recipe and this recipe and mixed them together. Unfortunately, it didn't take me fifteen minutes to make the sauce, but it did turn out just delicious! Mmm, that red pepper really added a nice, mellow touch to the tomatoes, but I'll be sure to add some paprika or chili powder to add a kick next time.

I've included what I did, but I am by no means, a chef- just someone who enjoys messing around with ingredients. :)

Here's what I used:
-half of a large roasted pepper, chopped
-half of an onion, chopped
-two cloves of garlic, minced
-four small tomatoes, washed

Cut an "x" shape into the tomatoes. Heat a pot of water until it boils, and put tomatoes in. Once you see the skin peeling off, take them out and rinse under cold water.

Peel the skins off, and then squeeze the seeds out. I chose not to squeeze the seeds out (a waste of tomato, in my opinion), but crushed the tomatoes by hand into a large bowl with their juices.
Heat up a saucepan and fry the onions and garlic with oil until onion is translucent, and garlic is golden-brown (I actually burned the garlic as you can see, haha).
Put your crushed tomatoes and red pepper into the pan, and cook for about five minutes. Take out the tomatoes and pepper with a slotted spoon, and leave the juices in the pan. I added some sugar, salt, and oregano to add some flavour.
Let the sauce thicken, it should be ready when a mark appears you scrape the pan.
Re-add the pepper and tomatoes to the pan, and mix well. Turn off the heat, and let cool.

I wasn't too pleased that my sauce looked like salsa, so I took it for a spin with an immersion blender. The result? A nice, smooth-looking sauce.

Mix in some pasta, and bam, happy time. Enjoy! :)


Finally, summer has begun! Well, I've been off for a week now, so I'm a bit late in my rejoicing.
In light of that, I'm excited to say that this summer is going to be a crazy one in the fact I'll be taking a full summer school course load, while working my two jobs. And maybe volunteering too. Did I ever tell you I'm  a workaholic?

Fear not, as this blog will be far from neglected! I do have an announcement, though. This blog has been a big mix of many things, such as photography, food, art, life and personal style. I've decided to make this more of a visual diary (combining photography, food, and life into one category) and art (illustrations and personal style) oriented blog. The diary will be labeled as "life journal", and the art tag will be the same. I'll be sure to keep the "eye eat" and "what i wore" tag though. :)

But back on topic. I'm currently planning out my summer and want to get back into many things I fell out of sync with this year - such as running, reading, and art.

My summer goals are to:

-Run 15 km by the end of August
-Start a webcomic (I've been thinking about it for so long)
-Write and illustrate a short story
-Improve my cooking skills
-Read one book a week

And this last one isn't a goal per say, but an exercise. Being an artist gives me an identity outside my studies in science, and I want to keep it with me forever. But keeping it is not enough, I want to get better. So I vow to spend one and half hours each day this summer doing something art-related  (it'll vary from small things like paintings to theory) to better myself and maintain my love of all things art-related.

Okay, enough of me blubbering around. Time to get started!

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