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Of Freedom

Hola hombres, sorry I haven't been posting as of late, I've been indulging in some good ol' me time in the form of sleeping in and living in my pyjamas at home. Hot stuff, you know it. Here are some (this is an understatement) photos that I took last weekend when I went out with some friends for some good fun - which included me going to a local tourist attraction and acting like a tourist with my point and shoot camera. Btw, I don't know how I got an A- in English when I just wrote "good fun". At the moment I'm looking for jobs/ internships (I know, being a first year is TOTALLY appealing to prospective employers) before summer school starts. What're you guys up to?

Eye Eat 9

It's the last week of school, hip hip hooray! Unfortunately, that means late night cramming sessions for finals over the next 3 weeks...then...I'M FREEEEEEE! :)
Maybe not, since I love school so much I'm back for a summer school course. Ah well, it's only 1 course. Curse you English requirements. In the meantime, here is my latest indulgence - chocolate mousse (thanks Momma Bear!). Add a cup of milk/ soy milk, and you are in a dessert utopia.

Who's that girl?

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Hola, I'm an aspiring illustrator scientist (do those exist?) who occasionally dresses well. Lets be friends. :)


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