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"You're the Avatar, and I'm an idiot."
(I just realized that his eyebrows are like video game controllers orz)


I really don't want to stop with my little nerdy/anime phase right now, I've missed watching my shows so much! (currently watching Persona 4: The Animation then will proceed to this basketball one that my friends have been raving about and ATLA <3) Drawing original work has become harder when fanart is constantly swirling in my head. Stop it self, TforT is the thing you should be focusing on.

Here's a chibi from Avatar The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. He's such a playa. Will have him coloured and ready for love tomorrow.

Azula Appreciation Day

Here is my very very very late submission for Azula Appreciation Day (last Friday). For those of you not familiar with the name, she's a prime character in the tv series Avatar: The Last Airbender. If you don't know what that show is, you're missing out on life. Seriously.

So for non-watchers, who is Azula? Without spoiling anyone, she's a villain in the show. Azula is the princess of the Fire Nation, and a power hungry fire bending prodigy. Throughout the series, she's usually seen plotting to capture the Avatar. She's not a favourite character of mine (who am I kidding, I love all the characters in Avatar...except Jet..and Ozai), but her development in the show is what interests me - especially in contrast to her brother Zuko.

On a another note, this is my very first flash animation! Very basic, very easy...nope. It took me 3-5 hours to figure out because I had no idea how to use it. Especially alpha levels. But I admit it was fun changing a simple illustration to an animation. Time to make some more basic ones and improve!

Here's a quick gif of the painting process.
make gif

Keep Moving

Feeling lazy on a nice day is a bad sign. I should probably head out for a run. Then again, I did do my first Grouse Grind run with A yesterday (1 hour and 8 minutes for my first time, very pleased). Which was quite wet and foggy. Surprise surprise, we live in Rain City. Thanks A, for bearing with me and telling me to slow down! I probably would have lost any motivation to keep moving somewhere after the halfway point.

*Brb, doing quick painting of a character before I get back to TforT (my new shorthand). I leave you with these two great videos. If you don't smile AT LEAST, we can't be internet friends anymore.

Fresh Meat

 Asian supermarkets are hidden with geniuses.
P.S. the "meat" is actually okra, something that's put into hot and sour soup.

Eye Eat 17/18

Remember my post about living life like a parisienne, simply spending time at caf├ęs and enjoying time with your companions? What a beautiful - and expensive- past-time. Well, here's the visual accompaniment to that, with my lovely senior classmate, H!

For dinner, we had ramen at this small restaurant on Robson and Denman. We were lucky enough to avoid a big line-up - H claims that that particular restaurant has high quality ramen. While we waited, we ordered our ramen. You can pick the richness of the broth(this is based on how much fat they put in) , the cut (fat or lean) of the meat, and extra toppings. As we made our way into the shop, I was mystified. It had the exact layout of what I would imagine a traditional ramen shop would be like (I blame two RPGs for this haha). As mentioned before, dinner was good for the price we paid (well, I paid).

Afterwards, we left the restaurant with warm bellies... which were ready for dessert. The plan was to have cheesecake, but we ended up at this upscale patisserie (H's friends changed their minds) which I've longed to visit for a while now.W
hen I heard the news, I might have started talking in an octave higher than I normally do . And started doing funny hand gestures. Classy. H paid for dessert, and I got 7 fabulous macarons while they got a spiked tea. Then we sat with their friends and had a lovely conversation while enjoying the sunset.

Eye Eat 17:
 - Spicy Garlic Ramen with medium broth and lean pork (H's)
                   - Miso Ramen with light broth and lean pork (mine)

[H's ramen, with egg and a garlic ball on top]


The verdict: I thought my miso ramen was good, but there were some things I was iffy on. First, the broth. Maybe it's just me being a pansy about spicy things, but there was a spicy note to the broth. The last time I checked, miso was not spicy. In spite of this, the broth was flavourful and I enjoyed it.Another thing which I wasn't fond of was the cut of pork. Lean meat doesn't mean dry meat. Enough said.

Eye Eat 18: Macarons - lemon, raspberry, mint, passion fruit, salted caramel, gianduja (fancy word for chocolate hazelnut), and earl grey.

[beautiful presentation, I felt bad opening the box haha]

[passion fruit, salted caramel, and mint macarons]

*the sudden improvement in image quality is accredited to a different camera with manual focus

The verdict: Between this patisserie (that H and I visited) and the one where I got the caramel macaron, I personally favour this one. These macarons were more dense and cake-like, and generally more rich in filling. Take for instance, the lemon macaron (not pictured since my camera died and I ate it). The lemon ganache/ filling was thick and bursting with lemon flavour. The mint one turned out to be a pleasant surprise! I expected the ganache to be too minty for my taste (something similar to the paste in After Eight chocolates), but it was very light. However, the earl grey one was a miss. I've actually never had earl grey tea (I haven't developed a taste for citrus teas), but I felt this one wasn't up to par with the others. There was something off with the flavour - I can't describe it in words. If there's one that I'd recommend to my friends/classmates to buy, it'd be the raspberry one. There were raspberries in the shell, and this provided a nice, fruity note to the almond taste.

Art Dump!

Okay, all my "T for Temptation" stuff (excluding current sketch/ plot details and what not) is here as promised. Ready? Lets go.
P.S. Any critique is welcome, please tell me so I can improve! :D
P.S.S. I know A's falling off the page  haha

 Profile:Name- Adam
What You Need to Know- He's a bit of a control freak/perfectionist. He's used to having everything being in place (a thing since childhood), so the way he acts can be somewhat rigid. When things fall apart, he's cooked. But he's a very loyal guy. (all this info seems random, but will hopefully make sense...)
Character Song- Did I mention he has major swag value? (being a business student does that to you)

Other project-related things:
[research for T's prop]
[research for A's prop]

 [quick sketch of the cover]
 [actual sketch for the cover, final details to be added then inking will start(?)]
[In case you didn't want to rotate your head awkwardly]

A Beautiful Night

This piece captures the essence of a good evening. All you need is someone to talk to and good food. Once those two components come together, magic happens. You forget about the daily stresses of life; the burdens of tomorrow are washed away with a wave of calm. Plans, schedules, they all slow down and come to a gentle halt. There is no such thing as moving forward. All you want is to live in the simplicity of those wonderful moments.

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