Art Dump!


Okay, all my "T for Temptation" stuff (excluding current sketch/ plot details and what not) is here as promised. Ready? Lets go.
P.S. Any critique is welcome, please tell me so I can improve! :D
P.S.S. I know A's falling off the page  haha

 Profile:Name- Adam
What You Need to Know- He's a bit of a control freak/perfectionist. He's used to having everything being in place (a thing since childhood), so the way he acts can be somewhat rigid. When things fall apart, he's cooked. But he's a very loyal guy. (all this info seems random, but will hopefully make sense...)
Character Song- Did I mention he has major swag value? (being a business student does that to you)

Other project-related things:
[research for T's prop]
[research for A's prop]

 [quick sketch of the cover]
 [actual sketch for the cover, final details to be added then inking will start(?)]
[In case you didn't want to rotate your head awkwardly]