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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posting these days. I can sum up the last few weeks with a conversation with my aunt:

Aunt: "You look so tired, what happened?"
Me: "Life happened."

That's right, I've been busy at school. As a Bio major, my life revolves around reading, reading, and more reading. It's hard, but I love my bacterial cells! If I can keep being a shut-in this up, I'll reach my goal for next year. :)

And there's some work too. And some volunteering (I love frosh). And then my internship is getting started as well. My first year English courses have led to terrible sentence structure (I don't even think these are sentences), money well-spent. Brb, mastering the art of organic chem.

[Hurriane - Twin Shadows remix]

One of my favourite songs right now.

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