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Eye Eat 13

Double post, say what?! Seriously, you can't post character sketches but pictures of food are alright. Going to school and work usually put my dinners in a bit of a rut (don't want no stares in class / workplace policies). Yummy foods such as chicken, pasta, etc. are no-no's simply it can easily make a mess on oneself or go flying out and make a mess on someone on the bus. Sad, sad times. So I've been sticking to the basics: salad, sandwiches (brace yourself, the kitchen jokes are coming), or rice. Speaking of which, I've had the luck of trying out a Japanese curry rice pilaf found here. The premise? Excellent. The result? Sad face. The rice lacked any form of flavour - just a faint taste of curry, which pretty much ruined the entire idea. Maybe it was because I used mild curry roux, or I didn't let the curry cook for a while before adding the rice. At least the sausage and vegetables tasted good. Next time, I'll either add some chili pepper for a kick, add a reasonably flavourful  stock, or cook the curry longer.

Okay, I Lied

It looks like my baby (hahaha, no) Ms. T won't be making an official appearance until Thursday. Probably because I was thinking quite rashly when I signed up for 2 8:00 A.M. for a children's festival in the city. And getting there takes an hour and a half. At least I'll get to spend time with kids and speak French, woot woot. So    as a poor consolation prize, anyone who wanted to see T gets a few camera shots of her early(?) designs. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. She's kind of promiscuous. And part giraffe from the first shot.


[It looks so wondrous, but at the same time, it can harm me. Do I touch it and burn myself, or do I protect myself from the pain while not seeing how much good it can do for me?]

This is my first serious attempt to paint digitally. Apart from the anatomy flaws and the ball of light/fire that looks like a flaming red onion, I'm quite proud of it! Although they'll probably never see this, this is dedicated to W and K. Thanks to you two, I think I'm ready to do what I need to do. Time taken: approx. 3-4 hours.

Artist Inspiration 2

image credit: Donald Weber
Okay, so it's not visual art, but photography counts right? When I stumbled upon the photos here, there was a terrifying quality to them (seriously, a gun pointed to your head doesn't equal sunshine and rainbows), and I found it almost surreal. I totally thought these shots were staged...but, they're real. I still have a hard time believing it.

Eye Eat 12

[Folding in that flour into those beaten egg whites like a boss]

[My baby cake just after it came out of the oven!]

[Clearly, I have a Master's in Icing Cakes]

[Anybody notice that it looks like an egg salad sandwich?]

It's kind of sad how much time I devote to cooking nowadays compared to actual art and job hunting, fufufufufu. A really really really late Mother's Day cake for my favourite woman in the world, angel food cake! Or a cheater's version of it. considering:
a) Most recipes call for 10-12 egg whites. Sorry, not going to make my family eat egg yolks. And I'm too cheap to go buy a carton of egg whites.
b) No cake flour!?!

So, I made this version, and omitted the coconut (apparently coconut in angel food cake is sacrilegious, according to Momma Bear). Rating? It was alright, considering I used all-purpose flour - making it more dense than it should be - and might have over beaten the egg whites (y u no appear stiff peaks?!). But the texture was very spongy... please don't tell me I accidentally made sponge cake instead.

I got an interview for one of the internships which I applied for a month ago. Excited and nervous at the same time!

Sea Breeze

With all this sunshine and warm weather, I couldn't be happier spending time outside - whether it be soaking some rays while catching up on some English reading or going for lovely bike rides! This past weekend was the beginning (?) of this totally awesome my mind can't handle of any of it great weather, and I was lucky enough to spend it with this cool kid called A. I'll leave the photos to speak for themselves. :)

Artist Inspiration

Image credit: Ariel Ruiz, via
As a current science student, I've always pondered whether it was the right decision to make - considering art has always been my raison d'ĂȘtre. The two ideas are on the opposite sides of the spectrum; one deals with logic and reasoning, while the other challenges the mind to make daring leaps in the realm of creativity. It seems impossible to combine the two together without some great release of madness. But somehow, Ariel Ruiz has done it. He's made art that is connected to science - take for example, the human face above composed of what appears to be cells. Side note: he's a scientist too. I've only selected a few images from his Genome and Identity gallery, but all of his art is hauntingly beautiful. I encourage everyone to take a peek at his website,!

Eye Eat 11

I vowed to put some pictures of outfits/ art... and look, more food! If it hasn't been made clear, I live in the kitchen. Here's some good ol' home-made macaroni and cheese. Which was not consumed by my sister, like it was supposed to be. Sad face. Hypothesis: No one in my house wants to eat my food, and because of it, I will become a big roly poly ball of chubbiness.

Eye Eat 10

It's strange how the weather can shift from sunny and somewhat warm one day, to rainy and miserable the next. I hope Mother Nature has a good explanation. Anyways, to celebrate the warm weather yesterday, I ventured into the depths of my kitchen and made some delicious Passion Tea Lemonade granita! It was utterly delicious, and I can't wait for summer to come so I can make buckets of this treat for friends and family. Hopefully I can cram in some drawings and outfit posts soon, I feel as if this blog is evolving into a food and photography blog.

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