Eye Eat 13


Double post, say what?! Seriously, you can't post character sketches but pictures of food are alright. Going to school and work usually put my dinners in a bit of a rut (don't want no stares in class / workplace policies). Yummy foods such as chicken, pasta, etc. are no-no's simply it can easily make a mess on oneself or go flying out and make a mess on someone on the bus. Sad, sad times. So I've been sticking to the basics: salad, sandwiches (brace yourself, the kitchen jokes are coming), or rice. Speaking of which, I've had the luck of trying out a Japanese curry rice pilaf found here. The premise? Excellent. The result? Sad face. The rice lacked any form of flavour - just a faint taste of curry, which pretty much ruined the entire idea. Maybe it was because I used mild curry roux, or I didn't let the curry cook for a while before adding the rice. At least the sausage and vegetables tasted good. Next time, I'll either add some chili pepper for a kick, add a reasonably flavourful  stock, or cook the curry longer.