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A quick study done once I was done drawing out "what i wore". Only took about 15-20 minutes (aw yeah)! I'm very pleased with how it turned out, this is a small bit of encouragement to play around in Photoshop.

P.S. Don't be hating on the crow skull.

Brave the Rain

[what i wore]
mint green cardigan, Forever 21
colour block sweater, Forever 21
collared shirt, unbranded
jeans, American Eagle
heart necklace
rain boots, some durable Canadian brand 

I've kind of been neglecting the "style" portion of the blog, figured I'd start now. The idea comes from VM-Bui, one of my favourite artists! :)

Lately I've fallen into a sort of fall uniform that consists of the following: collared shirt, sweater, cardigan (for that extra warmth), jeans, and rain boots (for the trek through puddles). Very simple, doesn't make me look like a complete slob, and it's appropriate for work! If only I had the the guts to don the skirts and dresses...maybe indoors.

Not Down Just Yet

*start motivational talk*
It's been two weeks since I've posted, and oh boy, has my life gone up and down in that time. I won't whine,   I have to admit that I was subconsciously setting myself up for the crappy bits. In spite of it all ( oh look at me, using the English skills I paid for at university), I won't let the bad stop me from getting to the place I need to be.
*end motivational talk*

In other news, I got a small wage raise at work and became a big blob of burnt-out student today. And I don't care...YET. Big emphasis on the yet as finals month is rearing its head.
Today's big decisions:
-Get out of bed? Nope.
-Get out of my comfy pajamas? Nope. Okay I did, but it was hard. :(
-Read the wonders of cell junctions for the 3rd time? Nope.
-Solve lots of organic chemistry problems? Nope. okay I do this everyday but i gotta work on efficiency
-Speak like a sane person? Nope. Just kidding (?).

Okay, it's time to either get to bed, or try to review my Stats notes for online homework. I think sleep's gonna win this one.


RIP Toph, Aang, and Earth Kingdom pumpkin.
The good die young. I miss you guys.
I finally got out of the dungeon I call my room to celebrate Halloween with some classmates! This included a haunted house (which I didn't go in but I probably would have hit someone bahaha) and pumpkin carving. I made a good Earth Kingdom pumpkin, and a messy Toph pumpkin.
The best part of the night? Throwing the pumpkins from the balcony of a building (don't worry we weren't causing shenanigans). Such good therapy.

Hope y'all had a fantastic Halloween!

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