Not Down Just Yet


*start motivational talk*
It's been two weeks since I've posted, and oh boy, has my life gone up and down in that time. I won't whine,   I have to admit that I was subconsciously setting myself up for the crappy bits. In spite of it all ( oh look at me, using the English skills I paid for at university), I won't let the bad stop me from getting to the place I need to be.
*end motivational talk*

In other news, I got a small wage raise at work and became a big blob of burnt-out student today. And I don't care...YET. Big emphasis on the yet as finals month is rearing its head.
Today's big decisions:
-Get out of bed? Nope.
-Get out of my comfy pajamas? Nope. Okay I did, but it was hard. :(
-Read the wonders of cell junctions for the 3rd time? Nope.
-Solve lots of organic chemistry problems? Nope. okay I do this everyday but i gotta work on efficiency
-Speak like a sane person? Nope. Just kidding (?).

Okay, it's time to either get to bed, or try to review my Stats notes for online homework. I think sleep's gonna win this one.