Eye Eat 12


[Folding in that flour into those beaten egg whites like a boss]

[My baby cake just after it came out of the oven!]

[Clearly, I have a Master's in Icing Cakes]

[Anybody notice that it looks like an egg salad sandwich?]

It's kind of sad how much time I devote to cooking nowadays compared to actual art and job hunting, fufufufufu. A really really really late Mother's Day cake for my favourite woman in the world, angel food cake! Or a cheater's version of it. considering:
a) Most recipes call for 10-12 egg whites. Sorry, not going to make my family eat egg yolks. And I'm too cheap to go buy a carton of egg whites.
b) No cake flour!?!

So, I made this version, and omitted the coconut (apparently coconut in angel food cake is sacrilegious, according to Momma Bear). Rating? It was alright, considering I used all-purpose flour - making it more dense than it should be - and might have over beaten the egg whites (y u no appear stiff peaks?!). But the texture was very spongy... please don't tell me I accidentally made sponge cake instead.

I got an interview for one of the internships which I applied for a month ago. Excited and nervous at the same time!