Finally, summer has begun! Well, I've been off for a week now, so I'm a bit late in my rejoicing.
In light of that, I'm excited to say that this summer is going to be a crazy one in the fact I'll be taking a full summer school course load, while working my two jobs. And maybe volunteering too. Did I ever tell you I'm  a workaholic?

Fear not, as this blog will be far from neglected! I do have an announcement, though. This blog has been a big mix of many things, such as photography, food, art, life and personal style. I've decided to make this more of a visual diary (combining photography, food, and life into one category) and art (illustrations and personal style) oriented blog. The diary will be labeled as "life journal", and the art tag will be the same. I'll be sure to keep the "eye eat" and "what i wore" tag though. :)

But back on topic. I'm currently planning out my summer and want to get back into many things I fell out of sync with this year - such as running, reading, and art.

My summer goals are to:

-Run 15 km by the end of August
-Start a webcomic (I've been thinking about it for so long)
-Write and illustrate a short story
-Improve my cooking skills
-Read one book a week

And this last one isn't a goal per say, but an exercise. Being an artist gives me an identity outside my studies in science, and I want to keep it with me forever. But keeping it is not enough, I want to get better. So I vow to spend one and half hours each day this summer doing something art-related  (it'll vary from small things like paintings to theory) to better myself and maintain my love of all things art-related.

Okay, enough of me blubbering around. Time to get started!