Eye Eat 20 +Etc.


If there's something I learned from yesterday, salmon in burgers = pure genius. I finally got to see one of my closest high school friends K, and treated to her to a (really)late birthday lunch since I couldn't make to her actual birthday. We headed to a lovely restaurant near the water, and feasted on delicious burgers - an Angus beef burger for her, a salmon burger for me.

Honesty time, I usually don't eat salmon burgers. Ever. Mainly because I'm a bit of a burger purist - beef only please (exception: veggie burgers). But man, that salmon burger was SO GOOD - it consisted of a  juicy grilled piece of salmon with pickled vegetables and pea tendrils, tartar sauce, nestled in a toasted kaiser bun. I was worried that the pickled vegetables would make the burger sour, but it added a nice tangy touch to the salmon. The only thing I wasn't too pleased about was the pea tendril aspect. Trying to eat them was like a tug-of-war because of the stalks. Other than that, it was delicious! Be warned, that thing oozes tartar sauce as you eat it.

And because I'm trying to be (minimally) healthier, I went for the salad. Go yesterday me!

Also, went to an amazing indie rock concert with A. Good food, good concert? I'm a happy girl.