Eye Eat 14


Or as I like to call this piece of work, Unintentionally Spicy Mushroom Noodle Soup. The gloomy weather hasn't been doing the city or I many favours - the wet sock feeling when running? No thank you. On the bright side (if there is any), it has ignited my desire for hot soup. I decided mushroom soup would be a nice cure for the blues, so I adapted this recipe to what I had on hand. Which was...interesting. I added some garlic, broccoli stem, straw mushrooms, bay leaf (I still don't know if it did anything, oh dear), macaroni and cayenne pepper powder - all to the therapeutic sounds of Mother Mother.

It was fuh-reaking delicious, oh mah gaw. Add some toasted pita bread with pesto spread on top (which I did) and you will be happy as a clam. Seriously. The only flaw was the spicyness. The recipe called for some good ol' s and p (salt and pepper) for flavouring... and for some unknown reason there was a shortage of salt. Sac à papier. So I threw in quite a bit of pepper and cayenne pepper powder to give some form of flavour.

N.B. Do not taste the soup immediately after you've frantically tried to bomb it with seasonings, you're probably NOT going to taste it. Until after ~20 min, where you regret everything.