I was recently inspired by one of my favourite artists on tumblr to revamp one of my first original characters that I created when I was twelve. Boy, has it brought up some good memories! I'm feeling quite nostalgic right now painting her. It doesn't help that I'm reading Le Petit Prince either haha! And it's now time to indulge in some more memories by watching La Grande S├ęduction (remember this D?).

To my 12 year-old self:
-  Woah, woah. You have some crazy taste in hair colour for your ocs girlfriend.
-  Art is more than just drawing with a pencil. Try other mediums like painting and photography.
   You'll probably end up liking them!
-  Some will eventually tell you that drawing isn't worth it. Don't listen to them.

P.S. If any of you were interested in my oc, here's a small rundown:
Name: Mariko (guess who liked Japanese names?)
Age: 15
What You Need To Know: She's a sweet girl (daughter of a florist), who's always looking after her best friends. She can't stand it when people misidentify flowers - seriously, who CAN identify their flowers?
Character Song:Style by Kana Nishino