Double Dose


Well, it's been one heck of a week. Volunteering, tutoring, work orientation session... Friday was the first day I was able to actually do something all to myself. The result?A 13km run, the completion of Avatar, and a small painting. And I didn't stop there, no sirree. Another painting today, that's right. Oh, how I love traditional media. If you're interested on me blabbing about the process for each and my feelings for painting, read the descriptions below.

[Galaxy Girl]
Okay, the photo doesn't do this any justice whatsoever. This took about..2-3 hours total. The materials used were some old absorbent news print -like material from art camp, watercolours, and some acrylics (and construction paper for the background). The most frustrating part was probably the watercolour portion. The wash turned out alright, but I couldn't seem to get the galaxy feel with just green and red blobs. As soon as I grabbed my acrylics, balance was restored to the world. Hooray! 

[Le Coucher du Soleil]
Ignore my attempts to be cool and use my rapidly rusting French knowledge. Again, the photo doesn't show the texture of the painting that well, but it's better than Galaxy Girl. The materials used were Naugahyde (a brand of pleather), acrylics, and a small amount of watercolour paint. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I grabbed pleather from art camp (with permission of course), but it was awesome to paint on. The thick texture allowed me to slather paint without worry of damaging the material, aka best thing for Jennifer .Plus it gave a cool timeworn look with the cracks (not pictured). This one was more fun to paint since the limited palette (2-3 shades each of blue and orange, as well as black and white) gave a great contrast. The hill/ person could have been done better, but whatever - the background is what matters the most. I was intending on doing a simple sunset, but in the end it became my vision of this quote (taken from Le Petit Prince):

                           «Tu sais, quand on est tellement triste on aime les couchers du soleil...»
«Le jour des 44 fois tu ├ętais donc tellement triste?»
Mais le petit prince ne r├ępondit pas.