So yeah, haven't been drawing as of late. Here's a crappy webcam photo of a sketch of the interior of the family car that I did today. Speaking of which, I've been rather busy this week, packing up all of my family's belongings for the new house that we're moving into. It's surprising finding all the things that I've been holding onto since we've moved into this house. Letters, boarding tickets, pamphlets of the places my family has been to, notes from Gr. 10 (yup, I'm kind of obsessive of having my notes with me in case I need them), planners, you name it. It's also kind of heartbreaking throwing them away - even though they're worthless and clutter up the house . One example was an cute gift from a friend in Gr. 8. But then again, the memories associated with them are more important. I hope everyone is doing well! :)

P.S. Eurovision songs are so addictive, like this one and this one! I wish I could sing beautiful songs about the rivers in the motherland..except they're probably not as nice.