Eye Eat 15/16


 Once upon a time, a tiny girl had a job interview in the northern end of the city. On that faithful day, she came across a famous patisserie (okay she knew it was already there) located beneath. These are the delicacies she came across...(with the help of the shop assistant)

Eye Eat 15: Jamaican Style Panini with Almonds, Watercress, Fuji Apples,Chicken with Moroccan Spice, and Havarti Cheese. (forgot the actual name)

The Verdict? One of the stop assistants recommended this sandwich to me - it's apparently a customer favourite- and I have to say it was quite delicious! The tangy taste of the apples gave the sandwich a pleasant twist. To be honest, I couldn't really taste the watercress nor the almonds (I don't think I could even find almonds); the main flavours that I remember were: the cheese, butter (?), and chicken. Speaking of the chicken...I was kind of disappointed. There was an expectation that the Moroccan spice would give the chicken a bit of a kick*, but I couldn't really taste it in the sandwich (it was fine alone). But overall, this was a lovely sandwich - maybe the chicken was under seasoned that day - which I would love to have again.

*For those of you wondering, Moroccan cuisine makes use of spices such as paprika, cumin, ginger, and cinnamon. 

Eye Eat 16: Caramel Macaron

The Verdict?: Okay, so this is my first time analyzing a macaron before (I've had the patisserie's macarons before - cassis and chocolate- but never did anything but swoon in happiness after eating them), so I've examined it according basic guidelines*:
-shell should be smooth, and free from bumps
        -- the shell was smooth, with a minor bump
-"feet" (the rough edges of the macaron) should be present
        -- yup 

When You Eat:
-when you pick them up they shouldn't fall apart
        -- didn't break
-when biting into the shell, it should crack like an egg shell
        -- not sure if I like that, but it didn't happen
-should be soft, moist, tender  
        -- it was definitely soft to the tooth, and tender
-flavour should not overpower the basic ingredients (almonds)
       -- the caramel flavour was light, so you could still taste the almonds, yum
-even ratio between filling (jam/confiture, buttercream, etc.) and shell
       -- i felt there was a nice balance between the buttercream and shell

So according to these guidelines, I think it was a lovely treat! Only flaw is that it's sort of pricey for a poor university student like me. These bad boys fit into the palms of my tiny hands and they cost ~2 Tim Hortons donuts. Ouch to the wallet.

*Adapted from Follow Me Foodie, found here