Kisses From Spring


(image credit - google)

So apparently today was the first day of spring. I honestly beg to differ, since today was : cold, cloudy and dead (no flowers, I'm sad). But the sun came out for a bit and it didn't rain, so it's kind of bearable. Especially since I got to wear my yellow and green peeptoe flats, chyeah! :) (pictures to come)

I trudged through my math midterm (engineering math sucks, never take it unless you like to torture yourself), now I have to wait until the TAs finish marking it (yikes). Hopefully my GPA won't drop too much let me cry in the corner.

On another note, I've been going through an electronic/ indie phase in my music life, and I just HAVE to share my current electronic favourites:

-Lack of A Better Name by deadmau5 :
-Lick The Rainbow by Mord Fustang :

(I still can't seem to properly link things properly on blogger, please accept my incompetence while I search for html help pages haha!)