D for Design


Somewhere between work, readings, homework, and attempts to get enough sleep, I made some designs for custom t-shirts for the birthdays of my friends (this sounds so awkwardly worded). The only problem right now is that a fully custom t-shirt costs $35 (plus tax, eep). So hopefully I can bring in my own t-shirts and save myself a whooping $20 per shirt. A really late happy birthday to you March babies (D, K, and L) , each of you are amazingly awesome. :)

(designs in order from top to bottom - the lighting just makes the paper look old):
1) "Tea time"
2) "I Believe in Sherlock"
3) "10th"

*all done on standard 8.5 x 11 printer paper with permanent markers, the ideas related to Sherlock and Doctor Who do not belong to me whatsoever and I claim no credit for them (only for the design)*

^ I'm clearly paranoid of copyright issues.