Eye Eat 7


After a nice, relaxing, fun filled Reading Week...I kid about the fun filled part, since I'm kind of cramming for a midterm on Tuesday (good job Jennifer). Ignoring that, I've indulged in my mom's home cooking (sorry dorm food, Mom always wins. ALWAYS). This is her last gift to me before I see my family again in 2 more months...jokes, I only live an hour or so away from campus SO MORE FOOD FOR ME. Okay, back to Eye Eat. These are home made Vietnamese salad rolls, or "gỏi cuốn". These are so good, I could eat these every day and never get tired of them. I've even included a step-by-step procedure of how to obtain happiness with these rolls. Enjoy! :)

Step 1: Grab that salad roll(that's literally bursting with goodness)!

Step 2: Dip into peanut sauce, ensure coated.

Step 3: Take a bite. Feel the happiness spread, and repeat procedure.