Show Me The Colour!


It's rather sad to say that my weekend consisted primarily of my research of... the flatworm. That's right, yours truly spent her Friday night (and more) learning about the glories and wonders of the majestic creature (not). Okay, so I might be bitter about university right now. BUT ONWARD. I spent some time at a friend's house and was able to indulge in some goodies.

Egg rolls and dumplings!

Playing around with my melon like a kid. This may or may not be a reference to a particular statue at a school on the West Coast. 100 points if you get it.

Instant noodles! I can't remember the last time I had this (tends to avoid anything instant like the plague)

My outfit for Friday (since wearing pyjamas all day Saturday doesn't count as an outfit). Since I don't have a tripod, I can only show the items I wore. If I've noticed something, almost all the things I wore are old. I tend to wear the stuff I love until it falls apart... and it looks like some of my things are well on their way...I really need to go thrifting sometime :(

V-neck: Off the Wall; tank: Old Navy; cardigan: H&M; scarf: gift; jeans: Seduction; belt: Kenneth Cole; shoes: Vans