The Little Things


TGIF. This week has been a rough ride for a couple reasons, but I'm glad to have made it through sane (kind of). Here are the pictures I promised to post (taken on a Nikon point and shoot). These were all taken in the late afternoon, as the sun was setting after my Calculus lecture. Honestly, the camera doesn't do any of the pictures justice- aka I personally think it's a piece of junk, but poor university students can't be too picky eh?

A nice angle of the bridge of the university's Japanese garden. I'd love to take some shots with a friend when spring comes and the trees are in bloom. :)

My personal favourite of the day, there's something about the perspective that I particularly like (ignore the time stamp of doom).

(at this point I learned how to disable the annoying time stamp)

Okay, I promise that I wasn't trying to stalk these men, I just wanted to compare the size of them to the mountains and sky(worst explanation ever).

My feeble attempt to make an artistic shot with my necklace (gifted by my lovely sister) and my glasses. I'm trying! :(

Blog, meet my boots. Boots, meet my blog. I scored these babies during Boxing Day at Winners for about $30. There's something about the texture and lacing that makes me feel 110% more badass.

It was cold that day, and I was too stubborn foolish to put on my mitts. The result? Terribly numb and pink hands. And I am still doing this to myself. Sorry hands.

It's 1 in the morning and I have a ton of stuff to tackle over the weekend (and Chinese New Year is approaching too!), so I'll be hitting the hay. Or spending some more time on fb, then complaining. Thanks for bearing with the image heavy post! :)