August Rush pt.1


I can't believe August is slipping through my fingers so quickly! I've spent the last week and a half on a small family vacation and on a camping trip (I got back on Sunday). I did do some sketching, but I had a chance to take some lovely photos on both trips (let's just say I forgot my sketchbook at home at some point)! Here are some of the things I took... excuse the terrible quality of some of them, I have no idea how to use a fancy camera.

The pool at the hotel my family stayed at- it was sooo beautiful!

This was the marina; I played with the settings so it looks like cool creepy lights.

And, I have new feature for this's called "Eye Eat"
This is where I get to showcase the food I come across.
You see the pun? I'm so smart super duper lame eh?

And behold, the first Eye Eat!

It's laksa - a curry-like soup with vermicelli, vegetables, and seafood. Or at least that's the laksa my dad had (there's various types of laksa says wikipedia).

And the second Eye Eat too. It's vietnamese chicken noodle soup or pho ga. I'll be honest, it wasn't as crazy as I thought it'd be - the soup was lacking in flavour and the chicken wasn't too great either. On the bright side, I did get a good helping of vegetables in it!

That's it for now, stay tuned for part 2!