Drawing? Pffft.


I love drawing!
It's a shame I'm pretty lazy though. *insert generic excuse about time and priorities here*

On the other hand, I've been enjoying the sunshine - and not sitting in my room and playing my PS2 (yes, I'm too cheap to upgrade to the PS3). The only problem is that my arms are a shade darker than my legs. I'm debating whether to tan my legs while covering my upper body with a beach towel or blanket.

Here's a peek of what I've recently drawn in my sketchbook:

1) Doodles

I was bored and wanted to try drawing people that weren't necessarily standing upright and staring directly at the viewer- if you've seen my art, those aspects are common. Okay, I realize that the girl who's playing hide-and-seek is standing up.. BUT NOT UPRIGHT HA! Um, anyways. Please excuse my lack of knowledge of the derriere, it's a learning process. Wait, everything is.

2)Serious Business...in the form of a chair

This is a drawing I'd like to paint digitally (soon), but I have no idea how to use straight line in SAI. Tutorials, where areeeee you? Jennifer needs you! I literally brought up a chair from my dining room to my room to sketch it.

Dad: "What are you doing with that chair?"
Me:"I'm drawing it,Dad."
Dad:"Oh, okay". *leaves*

"Drawing something" = good explanation

I'll be in the back, practicing SAI.Hopefully. I'd like to know what keeps people motivated to draw and be immune to procrastination