2012, It's Been A Ball


Wow, there's less than hour to go before 2012 ends. I'm struggling to write a post that can express my thoughts coherently about this past year, so please bear with me! I`ll start with the top 3 highs and lows.

Lows:-Horrible grades despite my efforts and time spent on them
-A lot of self-hate for not being able to do well
-An emotionally draining friendship - to the point which I was ready to call it quits

Highs-Got an internship under a professor at my university
-Finding out what I love to study
-Making friends that I can laugh, cry, and spend time with for years to come

2012 was a rollercoaster year for me. There were times like I felt like the luckiest kid ever, other times I'd feel like a big ball of failure. This was the year I was supposed to do things right (academically) but I wasn't able to do it. There was a lot of pressure (all self-induced) to do well, and I'm sure that led to my academic epic fails. I wasn't happy, no sirree.In all honesty, I don't think I've felt so bad about myself until the last few months of this year. There was also a friend who, in my opinion, was asking for more than what I could offer. This did not help. I haven't been so angry at a friend before, and it was frightening to see that side of me come out. It would have been wiser to end that friendship (my other friends were for it), but I didn't. I'm glad I made that choice.

Although those events happened, I figured out a lot of things about myself. One, that I don't do well under pressure, so that has to go. Two, I'm the luckiest child in the world to have parents and friends who accept me for not my GPA, but for myself; they have been supportive and helpful in my times of need. In fact, my friends helped me find a back-up plan (since my Plan" A" went up in flames) that sounds just as good as Plan "A". Three, today might be bad, but there's always a tomorrow. And tomorrow will be different.

This post is getting too long, and there's less than 1 minute to midnight...

To 2012,
Thank you for allowing me to spend time with my beloved family.
Thank you for giving me friends that I treasure dearly
Thank you for showing me that in times of despair, there will be light