WIP time!


Yup, it's that time of the day - WIP (work in progress) hour!
Well, I only spent half an hour. But that's a secret between you and me.

This is my current masterpi- I meant WIP of an art trade I'm working on with someone on deviantart. The only trouble is, digital art sort of frightens me. Why be afraid of a program like Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI you ask? Please refer to Exhibit A and Exhibit B below.

Exhibit A(before I use a digital medium):

Exhibit B (after using a digital medium):

*I might have burned some corneas and stopped people from looking from my art ever again*

A simple equation that sum up my current relationship with painting programs...
Digital medium + Jennifer = Epic fail

What is an Epic fail? Homer Simpson demonstrates the concept well.

Regardless, I'll do my best to get this picture done to the best of my abilities! :)